Prebook Date:07/26/2011
 Street Date08/23/2011
 Run Time:114 Min.
 CatalogMTIE 8200
 Rating:Not Rated
 GenreSupernatural Horror
Closed for the Season
Trapped in a forgotten amusement park, a young girl finds herself terrorized by the living memories of the park. She must break free from the park's grasp before she becomes its next victim.
DVD:MTIE 8200 DVDUPC # 039414582000


Aimee Brooks
The Hillside Strangler, Critters 3

Damian Maffei
Ghost Lake

William Waters

Joe Unger
A Nightmare on Elm Street

SPECIAL DVD FEATURES: Closed Captioning, Widescreen 2.35:1, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Film Commentary, 2 Documentary Tours of the Theme Park, Webisodes, Deleted Scenes, Trailers and Optional Spanish Subtitles